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LOL Surprise Dolls Coloring Pages

LOL Dolls Surprise Kolorowanki LOL Dolls uberraschungspuppen Malvorlagen Planse de colorat Lol Dolls LOL Bebek Surpriz Boyama Sayfası dibujos de lol surprise dolls para colorear
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L.O.L dolls are toys manufactured by MGA Entertainment - a Californian company for which dolls are not the first so popular product. The company recently released new products such as LOL House and LOL Bigger Surprise (Bigger Surprise).

LOL suprise is a plastic ball with a small doll inside. Which of the little girls would not like to have one? It is an unrivaled hit with children. Why is this toy so in demand? So, the most appealing fact is that when we buy a L.O.L suprise ball, we don't know what kind of doll we will come across.

Children love surprises, so when unpacking the Lol Suprise ball they do not know what to expect. The moment they unpack the layer, only the last layer shows us a very carefully and precisely made doll. The ball from which we unpack the lacquer is her home, so after the fun is over, we can put it there again. Interestingly, the doll can also be played in the water, depending on the model chosen, the dolls can drink water and pee or cry.

What's in the L.O.L suprise sphere and how many layers does it hide? It hides seven layers and the last layer hides the doll, or in the later stages a little sister or pet doll. A sister doll is a small sweet baby, and the animal that could be found was a dog, cat or hamster.

In the Confetti series, there was a typical doll inside, and opening the last layer resulted in a confetti burst, making the final unpacking and gift even more spectacular and special for your child. That's why the Confetti series has become the most sought-after L. O.L suprise series.

Will we meet L. O.L suprise only in a ball? Yes, because it is the hallmark of this series of toys. Children who bought this toy only associated it with a ball and an amazing, surprising surprise. What does this toy teach our children? First of all, patience, it is one of the most important features which, when translated into further and adult life, lead to success. The toy market was also flooded with gadgets from the L.O.L suprise toy, including doll shoes, plates, pens, bracelets and coloring books.
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