🎨 Kizi Coloring Pages For Kids

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🎨 Kizi Coloring Pages for Kids


Stay safe rainbow coloring page everything will be fine

Stay safe rainbow

Stay home stay safe

Thank you nhs for fighting

Thank you nhs ANGELS

Thank you nhs We Applaud You

Barbie Coloring Pages

girls s barbie5bbe

girls s barbie fairyf207

girls s barbie and ken5108

girls s barbie and ken wedding6b56

dancing barbie princess

cute witch barbie

coloring sheherazade george barbier watercolor

coloring dancer with water jets george barbier

caricature barbie coloring page to print

beautiful barbie s for girly girls662d

beautiful barbie s for girly girls 662d

Barbie 70

Animals Coloring Pages for Kids

stand cougar

hes an elephant

daniel tiger coloring page 16 ugga mugga daniel tiger page wqed pbskids

porky pig coloring pages 20 pig coloring page

crocodile aligator coloring page 09

babies snow leopard

Easter Coloring Pages

halleluiah free easter coloring page

Great Happy Easter Text to color

graceful easter bunny paint

girl easter sb4c7

girl easter s with eggsec3c

geometric easter egg

geometric easter egg coloring page

funny happy easter card to color

funny easter s bunny painting eggs4b92

frozen sven olaf and kristoff easter colouring page

Flowers Coloring Pages

great maidens blush alba rose coloring page

grandiflora rose cherry vanilla coloring page

golden showers climbing rose coloring page

godetia rubicunda farewell to spring coloring page

giving a rose in valentines s08b5

giant goldenrod coloring page

frog on lily pad catching fly coloring page

four leaf clover saint patricks day

four leaf clover coloring page

flower lily real

Spring Coloring Pages

welsh springer spaniel

english springer spaniel

springtime word find activity

spring s

spring hello kitty to colour


rainy spring s


happy spring s


Unicorn Coloring Pages

unicorn drawing 4

Lila unicorn

unicorni animals 09

American Unicorn unicorn

unicorn drawing 3

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

paw patrol 023

paw patrol 007

paw patrol logo

paw patrol 037

Paw Patrol Logo

Fortnite Coloring Pages

fortnite pages soldier

characters from fortnite black and white

fortnite characters survivalist

fortnite weapons rifle scar

dab from fortnite

Pokemon Coloring Pages

pokemon togepi

Pokemon 23

pokemon 70

rhyhorn pokemon

pokemon biyomon

All about Coloring Pages - Who needs them, are they good for something ?

We often meet people who tell us : what are those coloring pages good for? Who needs them?
Well, we consider that coloring pages and our website itself contribute to the education of children all around the globe.

After being born, a child is completely dependent of his/her mother for everything. A little child can't do all the things a grown up person can right after being born, he needs time and exercise. Practice, practice and practice again for any little thing that we consider easy peasy.

After some years, that child has learned a lot of thing about the surrounding world and how he can make it in this world. He learned to speak, to walk and eat all by himself. Now, his mind is always eager to learn new, exciting things. From early ages, like 3-4 years, children begin to be interested in drawing. It is simple to understand why: they love colors and their visual aspect is so attractive that they just simply can't resist.

They also love getting their hands and faces dirty by splashing and crushing the color tubes or by just touching a pencil or a brush while drawing. This is the moment they can start learning the eye-hand coordination practice. It seems easy but it's not. It takes a lot of practice and it takes a lot of time before a small child can color exactly where you want him to, in a small square or to actually color a whole object. This is the moment you should provide to your children a set of coloring pages. They are visually attractive, they have that electrifying thing and children fall in love with these coloring sheets or even coloring books.

They come in a lot of categories. Actually, there are so many categories that we just can't remember them all if asked to. Imagine any aspect of a human life and let me tell you there's a coloring page for that too.

So, what should a 3-4 or even 5 years old child color?

First, let's try to remember what shapes and objects they already know.

They know the food they usually eat so they know what fruits or vegetables look like. They know, for instance, that a watermelon is usually with stripes and that it is green. An apple is usually red and the peas is green. So, start with the vegetables coloring pages and also with the fruit coloring pages. That would be easy as they have just a few details and they can easily color. The hardest thing you will need to teach your child is not to go over the borders of the item in the coloring page when coloring it. They don't actually make the difference between the interior of an orange, let's say, and the background around it. That is why you should always use the power of example. Show your child how you color and then let him/her try the same thing as you.

Children also know the whole toys variety as they usually spend their time playing with dolls, cars, balls and many other toys. It would make sense to give your children toys coloring pages as they will see familiar shapes like the one of a car or a soldier, or the form of a beautiful doll.
Scoala de limbi straine pentru copii Bright Kids | Planse de colorat educative | Cursuri Cambridge de limba engleza pentru copii | Cursuri de limba germana pentru copii | Planse de colorat pentru copii
Another useful thing you could do is to try and think about what your child loves. Cartoons, for instance. I remember that when growing up, I used to watch cartoons on TV for hours. Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Minimax, Nickelodeon and many other cartoon television companies were basically my world. I spent countless hours watching animated TV series and had many heroes (from the cartoon characters) that were present even in my night dreams. Bugs Bunny, Ben 10 or Uncle Grandpa (I still watch cartoons) were some friends I loved to keep track of. Their adventures became my adventures and I was curious to see the latest of their actions.
This would be a great place for you to start when deciding what coloring pages you should let your child color. You don’t want them to be only something funny, but to actually help your child learn something, like colors and the way a pencil should be held in his hand or the difference between a pen and a crayon.